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I am available for your writing and editing needs!

Read on below to find out about the services I offer.

but before we go any further, here are some fun facts about me:

My surname spells hamster’ if you muddle up the letters…

I have my nose stuck in a book most of the time… my favourites are a hardback with real pages.

I play guitar, ukulele, clarinet and I sing… *Public apology to my neighbours*.

I get in too deep with TV shows and movies... I, at times, have forgotten that I don’t personally know certain characters.

I wish I could stop and play with every single dog I see. I also would love a pet sloth and tortoise (if it wasn’t illegal/ cruel).

I love writing: articles, blogs, fiction and non-fiction for adults and children. Not only is it my job, but I learn so much doing it and find it suuuuuper relaxing.

Travel Writing

I go on trips and write about what I see, eat, learn and generally experience. Through my writing I share factual information in a fun and simple way, to capture the reader’s attention… and teach them something new too.

There is very little I love more than a ‘Fun Fact’ or ‘Travel Tid-bit’. I create my own little book of facts as I travel…

I write engaging content which will make any reader eager to explore your business.

Educational Writing

I was a teacher, and I understand the professional pressures. I also know how important it is for teachers to be kept up to date on educational practices, but that time restraints don’t always allow this.

Free periods? Yeah right!

I write snappy, engaging and easy to digest information on up-to-date teaching practices, schemes and research.


I offer a different perspective on lifestyle choices than are often found online. I try to keep my writing light hearted but realistic; it is designed more for people who are starting out their life changes and maybe slightly intimidated by the ever present ‘fit-fluencers’ and life coaches. I am someone who started the ‘healthy lifestyle’ late in life, and I still love junk food and chocolate.

I can create content which will encourage people to try your product or program, at all levels of ability and age.


Most of us have gone on holiday and said, ‘WOW! I could live here!’ But, could you really? My podcast, connected to my travel blog ‘Scottish Lass Abroad’, interviews people living all over the world. It gives them the opportunity to explain what life is really like, as well as giving local advice on things to do and see as a tourist.

Through this podcast I can advertise and sell your business, whether you are a moving company, part of the tourist trade or a business looking for expat employees.


I am a keen photographer and I am skilled in the use of Photoshop and Lightroom. I like to tell a story through my photographs, showing the real mood of the location.

I take HUNDREDS of photos and try not to repeat the content as there is so much of the world to see. Along with my photos, I try to give a little info about the place.

I can create photographic content for your business which will stop an online audience as they scroll; they will be desperate to find out more!


I mastered the skill of reading and editing the writing of children with very experimental handwriting, spelling and punctuation. I can help you too. I have an “editor’s eye” and get a little too much enjoyment identifying spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

I am able to rework your writing to ensure that it is providing the best possible content for your readers.

Let’s build something together.